It's Official: 'Full House' Will Return via Netflix


The series will return as "Fuller House" and will bring back Candace Cameron’s D.J. as the lead character. Unfortunately, the studio is still trying to ink deals with other original cast members (like Bob Saget and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) to return as cameos. I'm sure the milk man and the paper boy would agree that not having the entire original cast back might hurt the sequel's success.

Jimmy Fallon's "Saved by the Bell" Sketch

I just died and went to nostalgia heaven. I'm not ashamed to say that this sketch made me giggle.

Growing up, Saved by the Bell was my favorite show, so a throw-back reunion packed with classic references like the lyrics of the show's theme songJessie's "I'm so excited", and not-so-subtle jabs at each characters' post-SBTB careers, made my day.

Too bad Screech couldn't make it.

The Best (and Worst) Superbowl Ads

Overall, I was disappointed by the caliber of ads during last night's Superbowl. The commercials seemed to be too serious, even depressing, as a whole.

The Best

One ad, however, shone threw with its quirky characters, nerdy dancing, broken glasses, bright red fanny packs, and the perfectly delivered line "Loctite glue saved our marriage".

Loctite's Positive Feelings wins best ad of the evening, in my opinion.

Runner up: Coming in a close second was the Avocados from Mexico First Draft ad.

The Worst

As for the worst ad: Nationwide Insurance's universally reviled, child-killing, thought-it-was-going-to-be-fun-only-to-have-my-heard-ripped-out ad titled Make Safe Happen

Seriously, though, this ad was a major buzzkill. I understand the point they were trying to make (and it was actually very effective) but coming from an insurance company, it just felt wrong.

"Hey, your kid was just crushed by a flat-screen TV, but you bought life insurance through Nationwide, so now you can finally take that trip to Fiji you've been dreaming of!"

I need a shower.

Memes Make Everything Better

The only redeeming factor were the memes that popped up, helping the world to cope with the disastrous ad. Also, Richard Sherman's reaction to the ad:

What were your favorite or least favorite ads from Superbowl XLIX?

The Apple Watch Will Ship in April

During Apple's 2015 Q1 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook announced that the company's latest project, the Apple Watch, will begin shipping in April of this year. Here's an excerpt from Cook's prepared statement:

Development for Apple Watch is right on schedule, and we expect to be shipping in April. Developers are hard at work on apps, notifications, and information summaries that we call Glances, all designed specifically for the watch’s user interface. The creativity and software innovation going on around Apple Watch is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience them when Apple Watch becomes available.

The watch drops just two months before my birthday, so...

Six Pop Country Songs Mashed into One

Musician Gregory Todd (a.k.a. Sir Mashalot) noticed that there is a serious lack of creativity in today's Country music, so he took six popular songs and mashed them up into one to prove the point. Todd is careful to point out Pop Country is hardly the only genre guilty of this:

I just want to be clear that this Mashup is all in good fun. I am not bashing these songs. I understand and even appreciate why the “formula” continues to dominate the airwaves- not only in country music, but in pop and other genres as well.

I'm not a fan of Country music as-is, but it is pretty mind-blowing that these six songs could be made to sound so much like one.

McDonald's “Archenemies” is Advertising Gold

This caught my eye during an NFL Playoffs commercial break. McDonald's latest TV spot, titled "Archenemies", features a number of iconic adversaries playing nice to the ebullient tune "Love is Endless" by Mozella. The spot's light-hearted tone, clear message, and smart pop culture references are topped off by its modern aesthetic style.

I'm lovin' it.